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Top laces to visit in the US.

It is the list of the most interesting sights in the United States. We don't apply for completeness. The USA it is the country with a huge and immeasurable tourist potential. Many of world sights are there. It appears, this list of interesting places and architectural objects can't present even a small part of at all that America offers. Nevertheless, we tried to show though small part of unlimited capacity of the United States. Places and architectural monuments which placed in our top list are given in a casual order.

Yosemite National Park. 

It settles down in the mountains in the depth of the central California, on 1200 meters above sea level. Yosemite National Park was founded in far 1890. The park represents the flat area, which is surrounded with high mountains. It is known for the numerous exclusively beautiful falls, as well the dense pine woods. It's one of the most attractive sights of America. The park is magnificent in all seasons. In the winter everything is hidden under thick snow cover. In the spring in park it is especially romantic as everything blossoms and becomes covered by greens. At this time air of glades various aromas. The summer exclusively green also offers a cool – that that it is difficult possible to find in California during a summer season. The park is amazing in the autumn months. Golden leaves drop out in mirror water of lakes. Here, quietly lives black bears, deer, eagles, squirrels, and many other inhabitants of the woods.

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